The first true Scandinavian Sneaker


WODEN is a Scandinavian sneaker brand with a focus on Scandinavian design values, high-quality natural materials and great value for money. We believe in products and people, which is why our shoes are designed with care and produced by passionate and talented people. Fashion, functionality and anatomy are essential elements of the WODEN DNA, ensuring that our sneakers are meticulously designed for urban life.

With respect for the environment and our surroundings, WODEN takes a sustainable approach: REDUCE. REUSE. RECYCLE. We want to be more than just a sneaker. We strive to constantly push the boundaries for how shoes can be constructed, focusing on giving our shoes a greener footprint. We have therefore replaced as many synthetic materials as possible with materials such as fish leather as the WODEN DNA, a minimum of 10% recycled rubber in our outsoles and eco-friendly cork insoles in all our shoes.

Shoe the bear

Scandinavian Fashion Footwear

Shoe the Bear

SHOE THE BEAR is a promise. We aim to stir emotions. Other shoes may suit your needs, but we’ll take you to new places. Explore the unconscious. Raise your aim. Challenge your imagination. Don’t worry. Everything is going to be amazing.

SHOE THE BEAR will keep fashionistas in step, but never compromise on comfort. Styles may be playful and easygoing, but every one of our shoe lasts is handmade by experienced cobblers. Heels and soles are matched for perfect bounce and hold. Genuine leather will always beat lesser alternatives. When it comes to comfort, we cut neither toes nor corners.




A fashion brand based in Bilbao, focused on women looking for unique designs, exclusive prints and a wide range of products. SKFK’s casual style blends comfort and creativity. Our clothes are inspired by the principles of organic geometry; we observe and reinterpret nature, without losing sight on our essence.

In SKFK we are pioneers: we were the first GOTS and Fairtrade® certified fashion brand in Spain. For every cloth, the brand presents information on the C02 footprint along the value chain and compare it to non-organic-clothes. We are present all over the world, with stores and sales sites in more than 20 countries.